An old factory

We were traveling on an old country road when we came upon a fenced off area with skeleton of a building. It was definitely not open to the public and I could not resist entering

Fences were meant to be climbed

I managed to climb and squeeze through the fence.

My blood was rushing. There’s nothing more exciting than entering an abandoned place. What was I going to find in there? Was it dangerous? Am I going to get attacked by a dog or killed by a hobo?


From the outside it appeared as nothing but a shell of building with nothing but overgrown trees.

I continued on in and found what appears as an old ceramics factory. 


Some old machine
Possible a time machine?

Why this was in here, I have no idea. Very Creepy
A beautiful view through the roof

I snapped these pics and zipped out of there.

If anyone has any information about those old machines I’d love to hear about them.


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    1. This was a few years ago so I can’t exactly recall but it was down some country road in North Carolina.

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